• Controller and Treasurer - Provides financial services to the University, its customers and community; protects the University's financial resources; and insures compliance with internal and external regulations, policies and procedures.
    • Budget - Prepares budgets and assists the campus in developing and maintaining their own budgets
    • Cost Accounting - Committed to developing a cost accounting system that is not only comprehensive in its coverage but is also practical in its use
    • Financial Records - Maintains the general ledger, produces the annual financial statements and establishes and maintains the chart of accounts
    • Payroll - Provides payroll services to MSU employees
    • Sponsored Programs Accounting - Manages the restricted funds of MSU
    • Student Accounting and Receivables - Serves to assess and collect fees and revenues due MSU
    • Treasury Services - Provides cash management services and coordinates credit card transaction processing for the University
  • Procurements and Contracts - Authorizes contracts and coordinates the procurement of goods and services
    • Mail Services - Provides free pickup and delivery of campus mail to all University departments
    • Receiving and Property Control - Serves as a point of entry for all incoming freight to MSU
    • Travel - Provides assistance with monetary and policy questions regarding travel

Contact Information

PO Box 6301
614 Allen Hall;
175 Presidents Circle
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State, MS 39762

Mailstop: 9721

Phone: 662-325-2231
Fax: 662-325-8150